São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Stem Cell Biology 2023

Undergraduate, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows from all countries are encouraged to apply.

The Selection Committee will select 100 participants (50 from all states of Brazil and 50 international) to be fully funded by the FAPESP SPSAS Program. Funding includes travel, travel insurance (for international participants only), accommodation, and meals throughout the event.

Priority will be given to candidates currently enrolled in graduate programs (Master/M.Sc. and Doctorate/Ph.D.) developing a dissertation or thesis in stem cell biology and related themes. The applicant’s country of origin will also be considered aiming to promote an environment as diverse as possible.

Criteria for student selection

Candidates must apply by submitting the documentation listed below. They will be selected based on i) academic performance (CV and school records) and ii) justification for attending the course (letter of interest).


1) Letter of interest justifying their request, specifying the importance of the course for their training and development of their research project.

2) Summary of the research project developed by the candidate.

3) Two letters of recommendation are required: one from the current thesis advisor/supervisor and another from a former professor/advisor/supervisor emphasizing your academic performance and characteristics that may be relevant to your participation in the course.

4) School records (for undergrad and graduate students)

5) CV highlighting relevant scientific work accomplishments, such as awards and publications.

6) (Optional) Abstract of research data for a poster presentation at the ISSCR São Paulo International Symposium.

Important Dates


November 20, 2022
February 28, 2023